Our Commitment to Diversity

The Gay Coaches Alliance is dedicated to providing an experience that is not only free from harassment and discrimination, but that also intentionally celebrates diverse thoughts, experiences, and identities within and outside of our organization.

We name our history as an organization comprised primarily of white, gay, English-speaking cis-men with economic and educational priviledge from the United States and Canada. And, we aspire to greater inclusion of GBTQ male-identified coaches across differences of race, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, immigration status, economic means, physical ability, neuro-diversity, physical appearance, body size, age, and religion.

In recent years, we have grown in numbers and become more diverse in terms of age, national origin, and geography. As we grow in diversity, we are committed to expanding our awareness and education to practice inclusivity and equity as part of the environment and culture within our affinity space. Through diversification, education, and celebration, we endeavor to foster a welcoming, thriving, and empowering space for all gay, bi, queer, and trans male-identified coaches.

As a GBTQ male-identified affinity space that celebrates and fosters a sense of connection, belonging, & visibility as a result of our common similarities, we also recognize that we carry unearned privilege based on our gender identity. Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Council seeks to hold ourselves accountable in relation to that privilege.

We recognize that DEIB is not about quotas. We are taking concrete steps to co-create the equitable, diverse community we seek to become. These steps include:

  • Building racial & identity literacy among our membership;
  • Modifying our by-laws;
  • Removing finances as a barrier to membership; and
  • Integrating DEIB values and principles into the facilitation of our virtual and in person gatherings.
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